Who we are

Furry Nation Salvation, Inc. is an all-volunteer non-profit animal rescue organization located in Florida. We commit our resources throughout Volusia County and surrounding areas in finding permanent homes for abandoned, unwanted, and neglected animals. Run by dedicated volunteers, our work is a heartfelt collaboration in making a difference for the innocent animals without a voice. Our foster volunteers “one on one” care help us to determine the animals true personality to best fit them into their forever home. We also promote, practice, and work, in the area of TNR (trap, neuter, return). This method of population reduction and control for feral cats has proven to be successful and we are committed to this method.

FNS strives to educate the public on the importance of spay and neutering their pets and provide locations where they are able to do so at a discounted price. We assist in transporting animals to and from veterinary clinics, and help individuals place their unwanted pet who would otherwise be dumped at an animal shelter with an uncertain future. We do so by utilizing social media and animal adoption sites and always making ourselves available with support and advice. We love what we do and together we make a difference for so many.  Furry Nation Salvation does not have a facility and rely on foster homes for our rescued animals. Our current goal is to establish a dedicated rescue facility to be able to help even more animals in need.

Upcoming Events

Please see our “Event” tab for any upcoming functions. Interesting in adopting a furry friend? Browse our animals and apply to meet one. We post our animals first on our facebook  and Instagram

COME JOIN US on SUNDAY Nov. 19th for the 6th annual BARKTOBERFEST! Located at 100 N. Eola Drive in Orlando Florida. We will be there with many adoptable cats and kittens with MANY other rescue groups. Tons of vendors, food and fun awaits!


To purr or not to purr…that is never a question for Sir Shakespeare

Furry Nation Salvation took this purr machine under their care from Orange County Animal Services at the end of May. He quickly showed his love for other cats and kids, as well as his joyful personality and inquisitive nature. Shakespeare loves to play, pounce, purr, and gives a never ending supply of love and snuggles.

This handsome green eyed beauty will be available for adoption in the spring of 2017. He was recently diagnosed with luxating patella, otherwise known as floating kneecaps. Walking has become a bit of a struggle for him, as this knee condition has worsened for him as he has grown. Two surgeries will be done on his knees in order to give him a more comfortable pep to his step!
Furry Nation Salvation will be at Orange County Animal Service’s Annual Barktoberfest on Sunday, November 19 with Shakespeare and other adoptable cats and kittens. A jewelry fundraiser will be held to raise money for his surgery. Contributions can be made at www.youcaring.com/shakespearesurgery as well!  Stop by and meet all the adoptable pets from many of the shelter’s rescue partners who will also be at this family friendly event!
Please consider donating directly to his vet under “Shakespeare Surgery.” We need to raise 1800 dollars for his surgery.
Parkway Animal Hospital
Youcaring: www.youcaring.com/shakespearesurgery