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ADOPTION APPLICATION for Furry Nation Salvation
Please put N/A if any questions do not apply. Thank you for taking the time to fill out our application. Please be truthful on the application as we will deny any with false information.
Please bring your driver's license when you come to adopt your new furry friend
Please use your cell number if possible. For faster communication, we may text you.
Furry Nation Salvation has TWO main locations for adoptions. We always post the location of the animal with any social media posts or ads you may see.
If you are a single adopter please put your name in both sections.
If single adopter, please put a secondary phone number (and name) of a family member or close friend.
We do verify home ownership through public record
Put N/A if you do not rent
Put 000000000 if you do not rent
Please know-we do verify this information
if you do not have a place of employment please put your co-adopter's information if available.
Examples: Wait tables, management role, cashier, receptionist, grounds keeper. If you do not work put N/A
Since moving out on your own?
Example: 3 children: Daughter 5, Son 6, Son 2
Example: 3 pets: 1) Henry a Lab-7 years old, 2) Snowball-Tabby cat 4 years, 3) Lana- Guinea Pig 2 years old
Example: 1) Dog- Randy- 5 years old (current pet) 1) Cat-Rudy-died at 7 due to kidney issue 2) Dog-Bobbie-Died at 2 (car accident) 3) Hampster- FreddyBear- (Current pet)
A screened in porch or pool area (with no access to the outdoors) would be considered Inside. Please explain here if needed.
A screened in porch or pool area (with no access to the outdoors) would be considered Inside. Please explain here if needed.
CAT’S NEED WET FOOD NOW FOR FEWER PROBLEMS LATER- The leading cause of death with cats 5 years and older is Dehydration related illnesses (urinary tract issues, blockages, kidney problems, diabetes) because of their typical dry food only diet. Being on a dry food only diet can lead to an array of health problems and peeing outside of the litter box is one of them. Urinary tract infections are common with cats on a dry food only diet and once they pee in the cat box and get pain- they start peeing other places. Cats are true carnivores and have a LOW-thirst drive (unlike humans and dogs), which is why it is essential for all cats to have SOME canned wet cat food in their DAILY diets. Wet food is CLOSER to their natural diet than dry food as it is high in water/moisture, and animal (meat) based protein. Cats are use to getting their daily water needs from their food and the reason wet food is so important! PROS of wet food: Higher in moisture at 75%, higher in ANIMAL based protein, Less carbs (cats don’t need carbs). CONS of dry food: Low in moisture (10%)- 3 times more carbs than wet food (cats have no need for carbs), More Plant based protein (cats need animal based protein). ************RECOMENDED *********** Think of wet food as your cat’s main source of diet if you can. We recommend one 5.5 oz. can a day per cat (half in morning and other half at night). Or two cans a day of the 3 oz. cans. At the very minimum a half of a 5.5 oz. can given daily is a great start (add 1-2 tablespoons of water to it too). This will help your cat get the needed moisture and protein they need. Leaving out dry food and fresh water is fine (get a cat water fountain too), but please don’t forget their daily wet food. I’ve seen too many of our adopted cats die or develop expensive health problems in their new homes as they were on a dry food only diet. One as young as 2 years old. Ask your vet how important wet food is – they will definitely tell you! Read this for more info: Catinfo.Org or our own blog here: FurryNationSalvation.Org/WetFood
Good oral hygiene can help prevent diseases or secondary infections, such as liver, heart, kidney, and joint disease from bacteria originating in the mouth and spreading through the body by the bloodstream. There are brushing and NO-brushing techniques to help your furry family members. Enzymatic pet toothpaste (beef or poultry) & toothbrush is the best way, but there are oral care gels, dental wipes, and even a liquids you add directly to your pet's water bowl. Dental disease is very painful and pets suffer silently - Please help them fight this disease! My dog and cat fight over the toothpaste (yes they see this time as a special treat), so don't think this task is impossible. If you adopt from us, we will show you how easy it is!
Feeding ONLY dry food makes cats prone to urinary issues in both males and females. If a cat has an urinary tract infection, he/she may try to pee in their litter box only to experience discomfort when doing so. This could start the trend of them seeking other locations to pee which would cause them less pain! Cats have a low thirst drive and reason why giving your cat wet food DAILY is so very important as they need the high moisture content in it (78%)! Dry food is very low in moisture (10%). Feed your cat a nice helping of wet food DAILY to avoid this. Want to learn this blog:
If you don't have any pets now, please put your last veterinarian.
If you do not have a veterinarian now, please put your LAST vet's phone number