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Once you’ve been approved- it is time to meet a few furry friends! We do have two main locations in New Smyrna Beach/Port Orange & Cocoa. We will always share the kitten’s location on any ads or posts you may see.

Keep in mind we do have a “Wish List” list where you can put in an application early and we contact YOU when a kitty comes our way that may fit your needs. This can take the stress out of being the FIRST to contact us or first to be approved for a specific kitten as again, we contact you even before we post to our social media pages.

Not approved or want to get on our WISH LIST for a specific breed? Here is our application:

Questions? Contact us on our Facebook or Instagram pages or email us here: FurryNationSalvation@hotmail.com


1) MEET THE KITTIES : CHOOSE YOURS: We allow you to meet your cat/kitten in a smaller room. We shut the door so you can get to know your new furry friend on your own (Due to Covid-19 we are now using an outdoor
area). We still give you time to get to know your new kitty of course.

2) PAPERWORK TIME: Once you picked your new pet it is time to complete the paperwork. We go over all the details thoroughly and you get a copy of any vet documentation, including the contract.

3) INFORMATIONAL PACKET (What all pet owners need to know): Furry Nation Salvation is passionate on pet education so you have a successful adoption with your new furry friend. We go over a packet with
demonstrations on why some canned wet food daily is important for your cat, how to cut nails (and preserve your furniture), how to properly discipline, safe room technique, why taking care of your pets oral health is so important (we will show you how easy it is as most pets LOVE the taste of our pet toothpaste) and many other things. You get a copy of this packet as well and can view it here: INFORMATIONAL PACKET

Our adoption fee is typically $75 for kittens
And $45 for adult cats and covers:

  • Spay/Neuter
  • All 3 FVRCP/distemper vaccines (a kitten’s CORE vaccines)
  • Rabies vaccine
  • Microchipping & Registering of the chip
  • Deworming (5 days of panacur)
  • 30 day Flea preventative called revolution which also treats for ear mites and parasites

*Our fees can be higher for particular breeds *Our fees can also be lower than $45 for older cats.

5) SAY CHEESE: It’s time for the photo with your newly adopted pet! The best way to document the adoption day is with a photo! Furry Nation Salvation LOVES a good photo too! We may take more than just one! =) Of course-we send them to you as well.

6) COMING BACK FOR FURTHER VETTING: If you adopt a kitten that is too young to be fixed, they are required to come back to us for their spay/neuter & further vaccinations at a later time (typically at 4-5 months of age). We do have options if you chose to use your own vet that we can discuss. We will let you know when the spay/neuter appointment is and send out many reminders for you to know the full details of the appointment.

We make this appointment work with ANYONE’S schedule. You are able to drop off the cat to us as early as needed on spay/neuter day and pick up as late as needed (we take the pet to and from the vet office to ensure we can accommodate your schedule).

When you adopt from us you become part of our Furry Nation FAMILY! We love sharing photo updates that our previous adopters share with us. Many of whom stay in touch and support us through our facebook and Instagram pages. We are always here with questions or advice even after the adoption takes place as we seriously LOVE what we do!