TNR: Trap – Neuter – Return

What is TNR? The term TNR stands for “Trap, Neuter, Return.” This is the practice of trapping a free roaming or feral cat, getting them spayed/neutered, vaccinated, ear-tipped, then returned back into their colony.
Ear-tipping, which is removing a small ‘tip’ cut out of the top portion of their ear, helps identify that they were fixed and vaccinated, but also that they are part of a registered (protected) cat colony.

Removing these cats and euthanizing them is NOT the solution. This just creates the ‘vacuum effect’ where other cats move into the area and the problem continues. Relocating also does not work. Cats will try to return to their previous home often crossing busy roads and creating accidents. When cats are TNR’ed the breeding and nuisance behavior STOPS and the population will decline as they are no longer reproducing. Also, TNR is much more cost effective than impounding the cat and euthanizing it.

Simply put, TNR works! Whether you love or hate cats it is a better solution to this problem.

Cities who currently have a TNR programs in place are:

  • Port Orange
  • Ormond Beach
  • Holly Hill
  • Daytona Beach
  • Edgewater
  • New Smyrna Beach
  • DeLand
  • Debary
  • Deltona
  • Orange City
  • Ponce Inlet
  • Unincorporated Volusia County

If you would like to get involved in TNR or would like more information please contact us at