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Consider The Title: Don’t forget to think of a good title! Example: Beautiful and friendly LONG HAIRED calico cat needs a great home! (Fixed). If a cat looks like a specific breed (Siamese, Maine Coon) or has long hair, declawed, or other special qualities (extra toe, one eye), put it in the TITLE!

Copy And Paste Section To Use In Your Craigslist Ad: Use this section (underneath the red line) to send to us. Edit, delete, add what you need, but make sure to fill out any area with an asterisk ( ***** ). Underneath this section is a few tips to take good photos of the pet you want to rehome. Remember to send the photos and this copy and paste section to us 386-295-2755 or email

Please note: If listing multiple cats- list them all in ONE ad by name. Example: Bob- is a short haired tabby boy cat who is 1 years old. He loves attention, his wet cat food, and meowing at me. Bubbles- is a female cat who is black. She is super sweet and loves to play and sleep with me.


Please call/text this number if interested *****

Animal located in this city*****

Animals story (where found) and Personality: *****

Animals vetting history*****

Any Supplies that go with pet (food, litter, leash, cat box, bedding, toys) *****\

1) Please show up with a cat carrier
2) Small adoption fee of: *****
3) I will call/text one month from adoption day just to make sure everything is going well
4) Please show up with your Drivers License.
5) Information sheet will be filled out

*Please know, that when you bring your newly adopted cat or kitten home, it is always BEST to place him/her in a very small room (bathroom works great) with their litter box, food, water, and bed. This way the animal can adjust much quicker and get acclimated to the new environment with less stress. All cats/kittens need time to adjust, so if you adopt please allow this. Thank you.

Call/text me if interested in this pet: *****


Photos In Your Ad:  This is usually the tipping point into adoption. A good photo will grab someone’s attention much more quickly. Take a look at this photo. It is the same cat! Which one are you more drawn to? Here are a few photo tips to help you get started.

  • Natural Lighting Is A Must: Have someone hold your cat near a window with the natural lighting hitting their face and body, take a photo! This not only shows that the cat likes to be held (hopefully), but brings natural light on the cat’s face. You will also avoid blur this way. For dogs, bring them outside! Or near a window works well too!
  • Ears Are Up And Happy: Using a photo with a cat’s ears down in a frightening way, is not a good look. Take many different photos with their ears up and they appear happy. Same goes for dogs!
  • Close Up & Whole Body: Try taking a photo of just their face. This is typically the main photo we use when we post one of our own pets. It will grabs someone’s attention much more quickly than a photo far away. Make sure to take a few. Potential adopters want to see their cute face, but also their entire body!


Use Of Videos (A MUST for shy pets):

  • How Long? Take a short 1 minute video with your smartphone of the pet you want to place up for adoption.
  • Of What? Take a video of the animal being petted and showing their affectionate side (rolling around on the ground, laying in your lap and purring). Even one of them playing works well.
  • Where To Upload The Video To: YouTube is free and easy to use. Upload your video to Youtube and take that link to place in your Craigslist ad.
  • Why Should I Upload A Video? Most shy pets won’t show their true personalities at the meet and greet as they need time to warm up. Having a video of the pet to view PRIOR to the potential adopter arriving will help greatly!


Renewing Your Craigslist Ad (an important tool):

  • What Is Renewing? Part of the reason Craigslist is a powerful advertising site is that it allows you to RENEW your ad every 3 days. Renewing your ad brings your listing back to the top of all the others, giving it more exposure.
  • How Do I Renew My Ad? Log into Craigslist, hit “Account” and then click the button on the left side that says “Renew.” Don’t forget to do this every 3 days! Watch this video to learn how
  • It’s Been 3 Days, There’s NO Button To Renew, What To Do: If it has been 3 days, go to your “Account” and simply click “Delete,” then “Repost this Posting.” At this time you can review the ad to see if you want to make any changes then click “Continue” and “Publish” to restart the ad once again. No you are only pressing buttons here. No need to to re-create your ad!


Waiting For The Call: A lady contacted us as she wasn’t getting many calls on an adult black cat she had advertised with our rehoming assistance program. We found out she wasn’t answering any calls from people she didn’t know! Please ANSWER YOUR PHONE, Return phone calls or text messages PROMPTLY, and reply back to emails! There are plenty of animals out there – if you take your time, you will miss out on potential adopters.