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Furry Nation Salvation’s Re-Homing Assistance Program

Sometimes situations arise beyond our control and we aren’t able to keep the dog or cat like we thought.  If you find yourself in this situation, Furry Nation Salvation (FNS) would like to help you re-home your animal responsibly and with NO fee. While they stay in the comfort and safety of their own home they won’t be at risk of euthanization by placing the pet in a shelter.

Animals in shelters are kept in small cages next to other animals. This is very stressful for them and often results in behavioral issues and exposure to sickness, such as kennel cough or upper respiratory infections.  Unfortunately, sick animals, behavioral issues and overcrowding are the leading causes of euthanasia at the shelter.

If you’re unable to keep your pet long-term but can keep him or her during the time it takes to find a new home, FNS can help! With over 11 years of experience, we know what it takes to rehome your pet successfully! Please know you can still reach out to other rescue groups, No-kill shelters, and post on social media pages to still find help for your pet even if you have started our program.

  • Quick links: , *How to Qualify,  *How to begin our Program *Copy & Paste Section *Questions to ask Potential Adopters, *Someone wants to adopt, now what?, *Our Contact Information, *How to take a Good Photo, *What we provide to You, *Can’t keep my pet any longer, how do I find a foster?, *Discount Spay & Neuter Locations, *Downloadable Contract to use or pet education packet (PDF or Word).

To Qualify For This Program, Your Animal Must Meet The Following Requirements

  • Spayed or Neutered: As required by Florida State Law, your animal must be spayed or neutered (if over 6 months old) in order for us to assist in the adoption referral. Please know we can offer assistance in this if needed by facilitating no cost spay/neuter locations, or providing our list of low cost spay/neuter facilities and they are located here (Link to our “locations for discount spay and neuter on our website). *A spay/neutered pet is more desired and easier to place then one that is not fixed.
  • Able To Keep Animal Until Home Is Found: You must be able to continue to house your animal (or find someone to foster the pet) while being advertised – preferably a minimum of two weeks to two months. Very shy or scared pets may need more time. We advise placing a link to a video of the pet so potential adopters can see how well the pet will adjust if given time to do so. Videos help tremendously in the adoption process! To learn more information on finding a foster click here (Rehoming Assistance Program 3). To get more information on how to post a video click here (Rehoming Assistance Program 2)

How To Begin FNS Re-homing Assistance Program

Please use our copy and paste section, fill it out, and send this to us DIRECTLY. Please include a few good photos of your pet (using natural lighting if possible). Send by text 386-295-2755 or by email: FurryNationSalvation@hotmail.com. If you don’t hear from us within 24hrs, please reach out to us again to ensure your email didn’t make it into our spam folder. We do work fast!

You can use our link to cross-post: We can send you a link from our ad on PetFinder to cross-post. Meaning, you can post the link we send you of your pet in any Facebook group pages, the pet section of Craigslist, or other social media platforms (especially your own).  This will maximize your pet’s exposure for a faster adoption!

  • Worried About Using Craigslist or other sites? Never judge an individual by the site they come from. A person who comes from PetFinder is no better of an individual than someone from Craigslist. Determining if they are a responsible adopter is decided on the questions you ask included here, information you obtain, and their previous history of current or past pets.  

What FNS Provides To You:

  • Useful Resources: Online resources are provided such as adoption applications and/or contracts to aid in the adoption process. Scroll to the bottom to find our clickable links!
  • You Decide Who Gets Your Pet: You have the ability to screen potential adopters with criteria provided to you, set up adoption meetings, and determine who adopts your animal. We have a list of questions you should consider asking when a potential adopter calls. View some of this helpful information here (Rehoming assistance program 3).
  • You Keep The Adoption Fee: Decide on a small rehoming fee. For a harder to adopt cat who may be shy consider $10-15. Typically $35-45 is an average fee for an adult cat. For a dog, it depends on the breed and adoptability. But listing a pet for FREE is not allowed through this program. 
  • We Are Always Here: We are always here to answer questions or give advice. You will not be left alone in the process and we are great communicators. We are driven by our extreme passion to help any animal in need. Reach out to us at any time!
  • Advertising In The RIGHT Way: We educate you how to advertise in the right manner to find responsible homes without simply “giving the pet away for free” to anyone who will take it. Don’t forget to use our “Copy” and “Paste” section to use in your ad. It is located here (Rehoming assistance program 2).

Re-Homing Assistance Program specifics:

  • No Fee: There is NO fee for our service. Animals have no voice and no choice where they end up, so we like to help them to the best of our ability. If you work fast, we will work even faster. Our program is very successful and if you take our advice, you will find your pet a great home you can be proud of and not put him or her at risk of sickness or euthanization at a shelter.
  • We Act As Third Party Only: This is a referral service only and FNS acts only as a third-party resource for those looking to re-home their animals.

Our Contact Information:

To send us the link or for questions concerning FNS Rehoming Assistance Process, please email Tonja at FurryNationSalvation@hotmail.com

Or call/text 386-295-2755 

*If you send to us and we don’t reply back within 12 hours please reach out to us again!